The other side
The other side

I went to the other side by the bridge,
joining two lives, two worlds.
The unity is in the thoughts and inconspicuous deeds.
Peace symbol from my youth,
became the sign of my strivings,
though I’m not always on its right way.
I stumble over the
leaves and a stone under my shoe,
I am looking for direction, to give me azimuth.
I am independent soul,
victorious but not always bright.
I feel and I love, I strive for purity.
Confusion in my head is not always recognizable.
But the feeling stays, it doesn’t disappear.
It’s in my temples and fingers.
With it I’m writing my everyday,
not yet with a pen but with a word,
which will survive the storm and the sun.
It will be engraved in the rock,
which is every being’s desire of love.