Vegan style accessories Vegan style accessories Vegan style accessories Vegan style accessories

My dear ones,
all the accessories I choose for my stylings
are always vegan 🙂
Very good looking velours cap
is just a magical head cover which strictly refers to nature.
Its decoration are unusual flowers and a subtle veil.
The cap in the color of earth
nicely accentuates my hair color 🙂
I think that nobody will be surprised to hear
that it was made by
YOKO Design brand 🙂
I invite you to see their head covers:
Here you will find caps and many other had covers
beloved by women.

Tribal style earrings

I love earrings made with soutache technique 🙂
They’re always unique and with character.
Here I present tribal style earrings with shining gold string and beads.
Tribal style associated with folk art
clearly refers to nature.
Harmonious shape of the earrings with folded endings
interweaved with beads perfectly illustrates this association 🙂

Backpack in golden brown

Shine appears not only in earrings 🙂
The backpack also glitters with golden brown.
It’s a very comfortable and stylish accessory
and if we add spice, that is shine
we’ll get a perfect purse.
It is a NOBO Bags backpack 🙂
You will find their products at the site:

The collection is worth seeing.
I’m sure you will love these purses!

Timeless Dr Martens boots

You see Dr Martens boots
pretty often in my stylings 🙂
As a fashion stylist I will tell you
that such shoes are timeless.
Sturdy and comfortable.
You can compose them with boho style outfit
but they will add edge to many stylings 😀

That’s all about vegan accessories.
Next time you will read about another intersting look!

Photos made by
Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Session took place
in Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂