Pajamas or suit?
Pajamas or suit?
Pajamas or suit?
Pajamas or suit?
Pajamas or suit?

Pajamas or a suit? 🙂
You may ask yourself
seeing my new styling 😀
I’ve already shown you, my dear ones, a street bathrobe.
Therefore I named this styling
a street pajamas 🙂
I think the name is adequate
and it describes the character of the garment.
It’s made of delicate shimmering fabric
which is ‘getting alive’ with my every movement.
A meadow of flowers on a deep blue background
is the print that won my heart
when I saw it on a hanger in a boutique 🙂
I’m falling in love with clothes
just when I look at them
through a shop window.
And I’m never wrong
when I wonder if it would fit my shape.
The dog that accompanies me on the photos
is the old friend of my photographer
Jagoda Waśko 🙂
Lately he went through a serious sickness
but fortunately he’s all right now 🙂
With Jagoda lives also a charming cat 🙂
It’s nice to work with a person
who loves animals <3
It’s very important for me.
Dear ones, what do you think about that styling?
I’m inviting you to discuss it
and share my blog with your friends 🙂