With a touch of fake fur
With a touch of fake fur

With a touch of fake fur
I decided to choose accessories
to the styling with capri pants 🙂
The flip flops that are still on the top
and a bright yellow purse
wit a lovely pom pom.
The earrings in the shape of big tear
with a flowery motif embroidered with beads
repeat the colors of the pants.
Mirror glasses which will often appear in my stylings.
I like wearing them,
but they also protect my eyes from excessive shine.
Accessories are very important.
Let’s choose them thoughtfully, dear ladies 🙂
It’s good to have a few pair of earrings
in which we feel good
and that fit many stylings.
As for sunglasses
I prefer the rule
that it’s worthy to invest in two or three pairs
of good quality ones
but well matched
which will serve us for a few seasons.
I wish you, dear ladies, the right choices.
Not only of accessories
but also in your everyday life,
which will turn right with time.
You reap what you sow,
what you give to the others
will return to you multiplicated.
Let it always be positive returns.
That I wish to you, my dear ones.