Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time Wrapped up at winter time

I like to wrap myself up at winter time.
I think that you also do 🙂
My wrapper is a long and spacious waistcoat
finished with a frill.
To it I chose a white shirt
with floral print.
The print harmonizes well
with the colors of the waistcoat.
Fair colors of the shirt and wrapper
I decided to break with dark
blue linen pants.
The pants are broad and very comfortable.
You’ve just seen, my dear ones,
the styling with them on my blog.
They’re perfectly sewn and made of natural fabric.
They will suit many an outfit.
I will remind you,
that these pants and many other fashion projects
were designed by
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
The founder of
Odzieżowe Pole brand 🙂


When you visit the site
you will be delighted
by beautiful forms of clothes
made of natural fabrics 🙂
I recommend it to you 🙂
If you appreciate quality and comfort
visit Odzieżowe Pole! 😀
And the choice of accessories for that styling
I will describe in next entry 🙂

Photos in Green Hotel
were taken by Monika Łuczak 🙂

I approached the glass with my lips…
Out of pink gems there came the genie.
He wanted to fulfil my wish.
But I didn’t have any.
I’ve lost my faith in human.
I’ve lost my faith in better future.
I was left alone in the desert of insensitivity.
On the cracked ground
you cannot see my footprint.
Forgotten promises have been fulfilled.
But I can’t see their effect.
Is this the way to nowhere?
I still have my lips on the glass,
but I can’t feel neither water nor wine.
In the tangle of information of the world
my name will remain a miracle.
I forged it again in the stone.
The spark of faith will not fade in me.
On this there is enscribed:
Dorota – Modorota