Wow accessories :D

My dear ones, you certainly know
that accessories are like icing on the cake of styling 🙂
We should always compose them in such a way
that everyone makes ‘Wow’ seeing them 😀

YOKO Design brand and its fascinator
will surely evoke such excitement 😀
Its beautiful shades of pink and violet
make a contrast to my hair color
which becomes more vivid 🙂
The fascinator is made of sinamay
that is banana tree fibers.
The veil adds some mystery 🙂
I wonder if you wear such head decorations
every day or at least sometimes?
I heard some women declare
that it’s not for them, that they don’t have occasions
to wear fascinators.
Dear Ladies, I must tell you
that you can wear them for every occasion.
You just have to match them to your look.
You know I wear fascinators for everyday
not only for galas 😀
I recommend them sincerely 😀
If you still have objections
please take advantage of my stylist services 🙂
I will find nice head decoration just for you 🙂
At Yoko Design site:

you can see the broad range of them 🙂

Violet lacquered platform boots
are made of ecological leather 🙂
I think that they are easily remembered 🙂
Though I have them for some time
they still enchant me 🙂
I will not write much about them
because it’s enough to look at them 😀

Cross shaped earrings
have already appeared
in my earlier stylings.
And they will appear in many more
because they perfectly fit many outfits 🙂

That’s all about accessories that spice up the styling 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Thanks to HATTI restaurant
For nice time spent at your place during the photo ssession 🙂