Universal festive accessories Universal festive accessories Universal festive accessories

My dear ones 🙂
Accessories I will tell you about
perfectly decorate the festive look.
But they’re still so universal and timeless
that they can be used in many other stylings 🙂

The hat is made of black eco fur.
It’s a bucket hat.
Very trendy and it evokes a great WOW
in many outfit sets 😀
I think that it looks great also in my styling 🙂
The hat was created by the designer
Ewcia Okularczyk
from YOKO Design brand 🙂


At her site there are many hats of that type 🙂
And of course other head decorations
from fascinators to hair bands 🙂
I recommend them to you 😀

Soutache earrings give an artistic impression
because of their perfect making and beautiful design 🙂
They’re quite long because I like it so 🙂
Red color makes them very energetic
and gives Christmas character 🙂
When I look at them I see
that the designer Alicja Jantas
made them with love, dedication and care 🙂
Thanks to their color I feel fire in them
and wind because of openwork.
The wind fans the flame, the fire glints with
millions of sparks.
Sparks are shining crystals 🙂
I’m enchanted 🙂
That’s how the magic of the earrings works on me 🙂

Alicja’s jewelry you will find on fb:

and on Instagram:

I’m inviting you to get to know
Sutasz AlaArt offer 🙂
It’s really beautiful jewelry 😀

Ecological black fur
appears also in purse
which is made of it 🙂
It’s soft to touch and quite big 🙂
Beautifully fits winter looks 🙂
The handles are very interesting 😀
Made of silver metal rings.
This purse is a fashion must have
for this season 🙂
It comes from NOBO BAGS collection 😀
You will find their purses at the site:


I sincerely recommend these beautiful rarities to you  🙂

Elegant shoes are thigh high boots.
Made of lacquered ecological leather.
They will shine in the glow of
Christmas tree lights 🙂
You must pay special attention to the heels.
Their phenomenal shape is clearly visible 🙂
And that’s what I wanted 😀

Thank you for reading my text
about accessories 🙂
It’s always nice
when you write about your impressions
after seeing a given styling 🙂
I’m greeting you my dear ones 😀
See you next time 😀

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

The background of the session
was Cezar Hotel in Koszuty near Poznań 🙂