The taste of fall in bi-colored styling The taste of fall in bi-colored styling The taste of fall in bi-colored styling

I discovered the taste of fall
in bi-colored styling 🙂
The shades of black and blue
spice it up 🙂

Shirts with puff sleeves
are lately very trendy 😀
I knotted it at the waist in an interesting knot 🙂
I also unbuttoned it at the top
to show decorative straps
of bralette type bra 🙂
The shirt is very comfortable
thanks to its design and linen fabric.
You have already seen stylings
from Odzieżowe Pole 🙂
This time I also chose
a shirt of that brand 🙂
This brand loves women
in not traditional way 😉
Odzieżowe Pole inspired me to show
a sharp look for many occasions 🙂
I’m inviting you to the brand’s site 🙂

If you are a woman who loves
timeless fashion
you will certainly find there something for you 😀

Black skirt is sewn from
three horizontal pieces of fabric.
It accentuates the hips
and broadens downwards.
I love this type of skirt 🙂
Its color and style enables
creating many stylings 🙂
It’s universal and inspiring 🙂
It was created by MADAME brand
which has already appeared at my blog 🙂
I want to remind you
that at their site:

you have 5% off
with MODOROTA password 🙂
It’s worth to use it 😀

Accessories make the styling complete and harmonious.
I will tell you about them in separate entry of course 🙂
Colorful leaves of fall maple tree
and all the nature surrounding me
are Hotel 500’s garden in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

All the photos were made in this garden
by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂