The spring
The spring

My dear ladies 🙂
When I was wandering through the streets in comfortable gold vegan platform sandals,
with eco-leather bag,
I felt a need for a moment of peace and reflection,
which I recommend to everyone 🙂
I had some reflections,
which I want to share with you 🙂

The spring
To stop at the spring of peacefulness path.
To cool your hands with intent.
Let the souls of the gone,
that had made this silence look at us.
We must go ahead.
But if we lack the power,
Let’s ride a bike 🙂
The wind will soothe our efforts.
The roar of the cars will slide
and reflect off the walls of the buildings
that we go past.
What is the silence in the talk of the street?
It’s what we can find in calmness
of our daily efforts.