The shimmer of accessories
The shimmer of accessories

In the sun the shimmer of accessories in shades of red and silver
saturates the brilliance of colors styling
with its charm 🙂
Low sneakers made of extremely comfortable material shimmer with silver.
They have also Mickey Mouse  like ears 🙂
The earrings are the ones with red tassels and sequins
that you already know.
As for make up
I decided to emphasize the lips
covering them with bright red lipstick.
The lipstick, of course, as all other cosmetics
with which I did my make up,
is vegan and has very good ingredients
and has not been tested on animals.
Dear ones 🙂
Today we have opportunity
to buy such cosmetics.
I’m recommending to you with all my heart 🙂
– Go Vegan 🙂