The Pillar
The Pillar

The pillar of life is what we believe in.
The pillar of life is not monotony.
Colorful flower, an insect on a leaf.
It is daily life but with a shade of tenderness.
Let us rescue seemingly trivial matters,
they give us fresh breath.
We feel the touch of sunlight in the wind
and the smell of beams.
Let’s reach what we can reach.
In the hall of our memories,
there is time for play and admiration of youth.
Let us not stop in halfway.
Let’s care for every step made ahead.
Do we have to count every pillar,
Outlined by sleepy souls?
Say the word ‘life’ out loud in this hall
and echo will respond.
You must know that this is a good choice.
Maybe others would follow the trace,
Left under the pillar.