The fall wrapped up with fur The fall wrapped up with fur The fall wrapped up with fur The fall wrapped up with fur The fall wrapped up with fur

The fall pampers us wit the colors of leaves.
There’s getting colder and colder outside.
So I decided to wrap myself
with fake fur.
Exactly, it’s a collar
in color of violet
but I put it around my body.
I think that it looks very nice
and makes the styling complete.
I chose a blouse with golden motif,
but not only 🙂
The colors harmonize
with those of the fur and the skirt.
It has a decollete with rubber band.
It looks interesting
when I uncover one arm 🙂
Fastening of the sleeves
may be common
for many blouses.
But here it underlines
delicacy of the form.
Tulle skirt can be often spotted on the streets.
In the one I have I like
the silver lining.
I bought it in a boutique in Poznań.
It’s called Studio MV 🙂
It is one of my stylings
for KTW Fashion Week.
Beautiful landscapes and interiors
belong to Green Hotel in Komorniki.

This is a calm place
not far from Poznań.
You can come here to rest
but also for business meetings
or conferences.
Service is superb 🙂
The restaurant will eagerly prepare
the dishes appropriate for every diet 🙂
For me they made yummy vegan ones 🙂
I’m recommending them sincerely 🙂
You may have noticed interesting accessories
that accmpany the clothes.
As always, I will tell you about them
in next entry 🙂

Photos in Green Hotel
made by irreplaceable
Monika Łuczak 🙂

I decided and I won.
I’m not a puppet in your theatre.
Even if some people treat me like one.
The people who won’t forgive you defeat.
I will feel power in my heart
and in my hair.
Colors will flow again
between my fingers.
Not always understood
but never forgotten.
I am the obstacle
for troubled minds.
I’m recommending myself
as a commercial of calumny.
But I try to remove it from my memory.
I’m still myself,
Dorota – Modorota.