The fall red The fall red The fall red The fall red The fall red The fall red

The fall red has got enchanted
in long dress.
It looks as it was a part of landscape.
The falling leaves dance around it 🙂
It accentuates the waist and neck perfectly.
And it hides what I want to hide in my shape.
This beautiful dress was created by
Dominika Młyńczak 🙂

If you want a dress,
I strongly recommend those
designed by Dominika 🙂
They’re romantic and they fit
various sizes 🙂
I love decolletes
so I decided to expose it
with a collar 🙂
The collar is black,
fastened with a button at the back.
It’s decorated with fair crystals.
The whole styling is in
red, black and silver.
What else repeats these colors?
Accessories of course! 😀
You’ll learn about them soon… 😀

Photos in the surroundings
of Green Hotel in Komorniki 🙂
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂

I’m dancing like crazy
wrapped in the music of the wind.
My body whirls
among helpless leaves.
I make movement.
I feel vibration of every piece of my soul.
I learned to move
in the rhythm of the breath of the Earth.
I put my ear to the heart of a tree.
It wants to sing
but it weeps.
I’m not dancing anymore.
I’m crying.
My emotions errupt
like a geyser.
I feel responsible
for my planet.
It wants to sing
but it is shedding tears.
In the name of love for it
I want to fight with my name.
I am a knight without a sword.
I’m Dorota – Modorota.