The cat and sign of the paw The cat and sign of the paw The cat and sign of the paw

My Ladies 🙂
This is a styling
with the cat and sign of the paw 😀
I think I don’t have to explain why 😉 😀
Of course, all of us like T-shirts.
Me too.
Especially with interesting prints.
Perhaps all of you agree
that T-shirt with an animal paw
is just cool 😀
Of course you can wear it to jeans.
But I wanted to show the shirt
of Underworld brand
in a little different style.
The skirt made of delicate denim
and bomber jacket
give a new dimension to the T-shirt 🙂
The Underworld brand
makes interesting clothes
for those who want to look original.
I recommend this brand
and I invite you to their site:

I’m sure that all of you
will find something interesting there 🙂

Te bomber jacket I chose
to this look
has beautiful, according to me,
plant print.
I’ll tell you a secret:
it’s reversible.
You have already seen it
combined with the orange dress.
Surprised? I guess so 😀

My dear ones 🙂
Soon you’ll be able to read more
about the cat and other accessories 🙂
Please, follow my blog  😀

Photos in Puszcza Zielonka
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂

Can you see me dancing?
My body and soul move with music.
Beautiful notes woven into the stave
give the dance special rhytm.
Around me the table and the trees outside begin to wave.
I run onto the street.
I’m dancing among grass and flowers.
They bow to me
and give me their inviting leaves.
Everyone wants to dance with me.
Only I can’t see any human around.
Because people can’t see my dance.
They pass me by like dummies.
Discplined and sick in soul.
They see only
what’s on the road
but they don’t want to look around.
But I’m not worried.
I don’t feel lonely.
I have company
of trees, grass and rocks.
A rock has spoken and began to dance.
Only human cannot dance it.
Defeat of human.