Black, still interesting

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Dear women 🙂 I would like to draw your attention to black styling, but with colorful accessories and crazy make up. The styling is simple but I think that also interesting. Velour kangaroo sweatshirt. This season velour rules 🙂 Leather imitation leggings and pink vegan Dr Martens boots made of high quality ecological leather 🙂 These …

Turquoise lipstick

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I will begin from a question, dear girls: Would any of you dare to wear turquoise lipstick? Maybe at first you would say: No, that’s not for me. But is it not for the brave ones to conquer the world? 🙂 That’s true, the lipstick’s color is unusual. I like to shock people a little. …

Cats and turquoise

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My great love for animals, especially for cats cannot be absent from my blog. Cuddly one-eyed Puszek and young Migotek willingly pose for the photo 🙂 What will you say, my dear ones, of such great models? Color of their fur reflects from my turquoise lipstick 🙂 So, cats and turquoise. I promise that cats …