A purse and the rest

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Today I’m writing about a purse and other accessories. Many women often wonder how to combine a purse with other accessories in style. My clients from Poznań often ask me about right choice and mixing of accessories. As individual fashion stylist I present my ideas of styling here. I hope that they will inspire you …

Subtle styling for cooler days

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It’s still cold outside, my dear ones. You cannot feel the spring. Subtle styling for cooler days which I want to show you relies to my longing for warmer season. So I summon the spring with bright and funny colors 😀 I like very much to mix light summer dresses with warm pullovers 🙂 A …

The fall begins with heather

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The fall begins with heather 😀 I’m presenting a whole styling in that color 🙂 To pleated maxi skirt made of lace in the shade of deep heather I decided to choose oversize knitted pullover. The secret of simple and elegant look is the color. Different textures of the pullover and the skirt compliment each …