Accessories are a mirror of soul too

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Accessories are also the mirror of our soul. The ones that we wear are the reflection of our emotions and preferences. I like vivid jewellery very much, such as that oblong pendant with open-work pattern, made of brass. Would you agree that it looks great on colorful print of the shirt? The earrings are made …

Playing with accessories

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Nowadays children like to play with smartphones. I remember I used to play outside as a child. I still have memories of that times 🙂 But now I exchanged toys into accessories 😀 That’s why I like to experiment with them 🙂 I decided to show kimono in rock style 🙂 Though you can go …

Power, accessories and sequins

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Accessories I chose to the styling with sequin blouse demonstrate the power that can be created by accessories 😀 White flatcap – a fashion miracle 🙂 It suits every color of hair. It lights up the styling. When white cap, then also cowboy shoes in the same color. So comfortable 🙂 Made of ecological leather …