Dreams and golden jewellery

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During shopping frenzy in a mall it is good to rest for a while and chill out. When I’m sitting comfortably, I close my eyes and the dreams of gold appear in my mind full of shine and happy memories. How good it is to forget the world that’s surrounding us for a while. And …

Golden heart and red belt

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Hello everyone in New Year 2018! New year, new start. Full of optimism and ready to work I want to show you a golden heart and a red belt, that is… a wonderful black blouse. On its background there are grey hearts which spread like beams from the big central heart. The heart is decorated …

Midi skirt

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Midi skirt mainly in white and brick red is one of favorites in my wardrobe 🙂 I accentuate its charm with a black and white belt with an ornamental buckle. Black T-shirt with joyful embroidery and black sequins combined with this skirt suit each other perfectly 🙂 And a deep blue hat will give some …