Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist Superb linen shirtwaist

This is the styling made of just three colors.
But it’s ideal 🙂
Dark blue linen shirtwaist
has been sewn especially for me 🙂
That’s why it suits me so perfectly 🙂
And I will tell you, my dear ones,
that you can have the same dress,
made for your shape and size 🙂
Such beautiful dresses
and other garments
are designed by
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
The founder of
Odzieżowe Pole brand 🙂

I sincerely recommend it to you 🙂
Look at Marzenka’s site 🙂
As accessories, I chose
white flat cap
and white kidney purse with a print 🙂
White color gives some light to the styling.
It compliments dark blue very well 🙂
And the cheerful check pantyhose
are must have of the season 😀
This print reigns
in every kind of clothes 🙂
Would you find it in your wardrobe? 😉
Write to me, please 🙂
I think that shoes are the most important part of a styling.
Because well matched details
make the ideal look 🙂
I chose black boots
with ornamental buckles.
They’re made of ecological leather, of course.
It’s nice to wear so comfortable shoes 🙂
In shops, I always try to find something interesting
and these boots are a good deal I think 😀
Now, a couple of words on jewelery 🙂
Rings and earrings
come from the studio of the artist,
Michał Misterski 🙂

I recommend the studio of Mr. Michał to you 🙂
You fill find there the jewelery with natural minerals.
It’s unique and beautiful.

Photos in the surroundings of Green Hotel
were made by Monika Łuczak 🙂

Dear women,
how are your Christmas preparations going?
I will tell you, that I don’t care too much about it.
I ordered vegan catering
and that’s OK 🙂
Don’t work too much,
because it’s not the most important,
that the house was perfectly clean
and full of sophisticated dishes.
Love should be the most important,
especially during Christmas.
And please, don’t forget about lonely neighbors.
It would be also nice
to help some pro animal foundations and shelters.
Send them some money or food 🙂
So many animals wait there for your help <3
I’m greeting you sincerely
in Christmas mood 😀
Let love will be with us and among us 😀
That’s what I wish you the whole year long 😀