Sunrays in a hat
Sunrays in a hat
Sunrays in a hat
Sunrays in a hat
Sunrays in a hat

My dears 🙂
Today I decided to make a little pause
in the description of the summer dress style.
I’m sharing with you my deepest thoughts.
Sometimes in my blog there will appear words
that flow straight from my heart.
Maybe at some moment of your lives
you will also stop and think
what is important in life
and what can turn the evil into something good.
In next entry I will tell you about accessories to the blue summer dress.

I wanted to gather the sun rays in my hat.
Looking upwards
in my round mirror sunglasses
I was scooping up sun rays
because I wanted to warm up the hearts
of people whose hearts are full of ice and rocks.
I believed that the warmth of beams would melt the ice and hardness
and they will bloom again
with multicolored flowers of empathy and love.
But I was naively wrong.
Sun rays are not powerful enough.
So I let them go away
and they flew up to the sky
where their right place is.