Summer adventures with styling Summer adventures with styling Summer adventures with styling

Summer will soon be over
and I still remember my summer adventures with styling 🙂
I like this season very much 😀
Other seasons are also charming
but summer is my favorite 🙂

The outfit I’m showing you
is perfect for hot summer days.
I like corsets 🙂
I think that they can be worn
also by women of bigger sizes.
Corsets accentuate the waist nicely 🙂
I chose the black one.
Thanks to its interesting pattern
the corset isn’t monotonous and boring.
A frill at the bust line and at the bottom
gives even more femininity to the styling 🙂
A little rocky – boudoir style 😀

I mixed the corset with a plain skirt.
Its energetic pink
perfectly accentuates upper part of styling 🙂
I like to combine black with strong colors.
Making contrasts in looks is my specialty 😀

Of course you will also hear about accessories soon 🙂
I’m inviting you to follow my blog 😀

Beautiful garden and characteristic palm tree
is the place I love 😀
Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂

Why are you crying little one?
A lonely soul among those
who say they love.
Ideal in your dreams, not understood in real life.
Sometimes you have no strength
to fight the shadows and fear.
I know, sometimes I feel the same.
It’s good you feel needed when you hug your unicorn.
You breathe with impotence.
In a while a tear runs down your cheek.
Don’t cry.
I’m your unicorn.
I will not give you to those who harm.
Love is my defense.
Doesn’t it sound ideal? (banal)?