Stylish talk of accessories Stylish talk of accessories Stylish talk of accessories Stylish talk of accessories Stylish talk of accessories

My dear ones 🙂
In every styling accessories
say very much of a style 😀
Style is what distinguishes us from the crowd.
And accessories make our style
yet more original and personal.
I love soutache jewellery 🙂
On my ears I have earrings
made with this technique.
They are turquoise,
as one of the colors on my skirt.
This is an ideal addition and beautiful ornament 🙂
Such wonderful soutache jewellery
makes very kind
Hania Pawlak 🙂
Look onto her fanpage:

or to Instagram:

You will see wonders that can enrich
many a styling 🙂
And I have a gift for you 😀
If you write Hania
that you wish to buy jewellery
and give the Modorota password
you will get 10% off 🙂
Nice? Of course 😀
Beautiful soutache is always trendy 🙂

As for the purse
it is hand made 🙂
Very nicely knitted by
gifted hands of
Ania Przybyła 🙂
It’s in dusty rose color.
Beautiful, isn’t it?
I will remind you
that you’ve already seen
this round purse at my blog 🙂
It’s always worthy to look onto Ania’s site:

If you give Modorota password there
you will get 10% off the price 🙂
But not all the models are available on this site.
Then you can write Ania
at her Fanpage or Instagram
and give the password 🙂
I recommend these stylish purses to you 🙂
Always fashionable, always trendy 🙂

Wonderful and ingenuine pendants
are the work of Poznań artist,
Agnieszka Frankowska,
that is OYCA brand 🙂

From her collection I chose
a unique pendant 😀
It’s good to buy Agnieszka’s jewellery.
These brass pendants
fit many styles
and many kinds of outfits 🙂
They always add some chic
and attract the looks 🙂
If you call or write Agnieszka,
giving Modorota password,
you will get 25% off 😀
This is Agnieszka’s mail:
and phone number:

Now I will tell a few words about shoes.
These are combat boots
of eco leather 🙂
Despite I have had them for a few years now
They still look good and aren’t worn off 🙂
That’s why I always tell you to buy
shoes and clothes of good brands.
It’s better to have two pairs of decent shoes
than the whole wardrobe of rubbish.
With this motto I invite you
to follow my blog.
Soon you will find new entries here.

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall 🙂

made by a photographer Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session:
Alla Kubitsa and Patrycja Nowak 🙂

To go crazy from happiness
everybody would like to.
But where is this happiness?
I will look for it in the locker of my heart.
I know it must be there.
Although it’s hard to find it.
So many corridors in the maze of my psyche.
I will feel a sparkle of a smile on my face.
Then I will know I found optimism.
It was hidden in a secret corner.
It kept silent for years.
I noticed it with my determination.
Now I wander throug the alleys of my ancient source.
I feel happiness that fills my soul.
I am sending the rays of joy to you.
Let it can be found in your hearts, too.