Sequins at fall Sequins at fall Sequins at fall Sequins at fall

Also at fall we can wear sequins 🙂
I love thar sequin blouse 😀
I showed it in two ways:
with fake fur waistcoat and without it.
I combined it with
black jumper pants.
The pants have white print
along one of the legs.
The legs finish with welts.
Simple combination of colors
has various textures.
Its additional advantage is
sequins compiled with
sports pants.
Ideal outfit for rainy weather.
The blouse gives us positive energy with its shine.
I’m curious of your opinions 🙂
Where would you go in such a styling? 😀
Soon I will write about the choice
of accessories for that look 🙂
The scenery of colorful leaves
is a park around
the Green Hotel in Komorniki 🙂

Photos made by irreplaceable
Monika Łuczak 🙂

Would you like to get my child
for a gift, without any occasion?
Will this question remain unanswered?
Sir, please…
And I shyly lift my head .
I’m beggng for love, but not for me.
I have already found it.
I wish that it came to all the people
and absorbed them totally.
For them not to spread death.
There are beings unable to protect themselves.
And they are Your children, too.
God looked at me and…
an idea came to his mind.
But will I be able to read it?
The words are useless for this.
God’s idea came to people’s minds
And there was no chaos.
The Hell has not risen on Earth
to make the beings disappear.
A new beginning was born.