Sequins as shining of a silver flame Sequins as shining of a silver flame Sequins as shining of a silver flame

A styling shined with a flame of sequins
in the surrounding of forest nature 🙂
What is so shining?
It’s a jacket covered with sequins 😀
It has black stripes at the sides.
I love to create extraordinary outfits with it,
just as this look 🙂

I combined it with a white blouse
of ideal design 🙂
The fabric flows down my body
and covers me as a mountain waterfall 🙂
The blouse comes from the collection of
MADAME brand 🙂

My dear ones,
MADAME makes not only dresses
you already know from my blog
but also blouses and other
very interesting garments 🙂
Remember that you have
5% off for the whole collection 🙂
Just write MODOROTA password
when making purchase 😀

Black narrow pants
are the last element of the styling 🙂
They come from my wardrobe
which hides many treasures 😉 😀
I never throw my clothes away.
Usually I sell them through an app in smartphone
or give them to my friends
who give them another life 🙂
And how do you dispose of the clothes
you don’t wear anymore?
Remember, please, not to throw them away.
Many people would eagerly buy them from you.
Or you can always exchange clothes with your friends 🙂
It’s a very interesting experience 🙂
Write about it, please, my dear ones 🙂
I’m greeting you cordially, as always :* 😀

Photos in Puszcza Zielonka
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session
my friend, Alla Kubitsa 🙂