Romantic but brave Romantic but brave Romantic but brave Romantic but brave Romantic but brave Romantic but brave Romantic but brave

The first thought I had
when I looked at myself in that styling
is romantic but brave 🙂
An advantage of this dress
is that it has a tuck.
Therefore it can be worn
by women of various sizes
and it will always look perfect.
Beautiful print
resembles the colors
of stormy ocean.
You can also say
they’re the colors of the sky
before the storm.
It is called Barcelona Seaweed 🙂
The neck is surrounded by a frill
and it has a ribbon.
With it you can match the dress
to every shape and size.
The design and production of it
belong to designer Dominika Młyńczak 🙂
You can find Dominika’s site at:

Dominika has her boutique
n Wroclavia Mall in Wrocław 🙂
My dear ones, look at Dominika’s site 🙂
You will find a lot of new items there 🙂
It’s a brand that loves women of all sizes.
And its designs are always trendy
and look wonderful 🙂
I’m sure that you think:
what about accessories? 🙂
As always, I will dedicate
the next entry just to them 🙂

Photos taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda.
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂

To live out of the way.
According to nature
and away from the problems of the world?
That’s not me.
It isn’t a great thing.
To immerse yourself
in world’s clamour.
To move hearts sharp as a razor.
To reach the layers of goodness.
Everyone has got them
though they can be hidden.
I want to be with with those
who can move the world.
Who would make a good change.
My name is Dorota – Modorota.
And I am this change.
I began from myself.