Rejuvenating denim Rejuvenating denim Rejuvenating denim Rejuvenating denimRejuvenating denim Rejuvenating denim

All women probably know
that denim makes us look younger 🙂
I add such garments
to many outfits 🙂
Of course not only pants
of that fabric are cool.
You can choose total denim look
and be very fashionable 🙂
My styling is almost entirely denim.
Almost, because pants are made of linen.
Quite broad, they catch the wind easily
and move with its rhythm 🙂
At the waistline they have folding
that perfectly hides
what we want to hide 😉 😀
The pants come from the collection of
Marzena Ratowska
from Odzieżowe Pole brand 🙂

The brand’s tradition dates from 1993
when it started at the Polish market 🙂
Their collections are classy
but also edgy 🙂
I like to mix Marzena’s garments
and make original and unpredictable
outfits from them 🙂
I invite you, dear ladies,
to Odzieżowe Pole site:

If you love natural fabrics either
you will find there something for you 🙂

I matched the pants with a shirt
made of delicate denim
with checked pattern.

I love all kinds
of oversize jackets 🙂
This time it is a worn-out
denim one 🙂

In this outfit I feel
comfortable and at ease 🙂
You must have noticed
an interesting purse
and other accessories.
Follow my blog and you will read about them
in next entry 🙂

Beautiful flora, trees and bushes
make a coherent picture
together with my denim styling.
It came to life
thanks to the photographer
Piotr Stopyra

in an interesting garden
of Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne 🙂

Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂