Red party dress
Red party dress

My dear ones! This red lace dress
I will wear at dinner on Christmas Eve
and at New Year’s Eve party in a music club, too.
I wanted it to fit many occasions.
My friend Ala found it for me
when we were shopping before Christmas.
She was right
because I liked red color and lace immediately.
The dress has straight shape and it’s broad
finished with a broad frill.
The sleeves are slanting and medium long
also with a frill.
V-neck, smaller or bigger,
depending on how close I tie it with the black string.
A delicate frill is also around the neck.
The bag you already know.
Black one with embroidery.
Long boots suit this style perfectly.
But for the New Year party
I will wear different ones.
I’m waiting for delivery.
When they arrive
I’ll show them to you at once.
I will have a different bag, too.
I am curious of your opinions.
Would you decide to choose such a style
for Christmas Eve?
Can you send me your proposals?
I invite you heartly to do it.