Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair Poznań Fall Fashion Fair

Hello, my dear ones 🙂
Today Poznań Fall Fashion Fair finished.
It wasn’t typical Fair.
Why? Because of coronavirus
and all the restrictions connected with it.
It was combined with
Summer Ecological Fair,
Women’s Fair…
I can’t even mention all 😀
It was a total mixture 😀
But in this chaos
I found brands
worth a closer look 🙂

The first is Hypnose Style 🙂


It specialises in ecological shearling coats.
I must say that they are really nice 😀
They appear in delicate earth colors.
What is good,
you can wear them also inside out.
Soon comes winter,
so it’s good to think of such a warm wrapping 🙂

I like patchwork very much 🙂
At the Fair I found patchwork bags 😀
And very carefully sewn bedspreads and pictures
of that type 🙂
Women who make such miracles
belong to Polish Patchwork Society 🙂


I can tell you that soon
at my blog I will show you
patchwork bags made by
Mrs Joanna Szalpuk 🙂


Wait patiently and you’ll se 😉 😀

The brand that struck me most
It consists of two wonderful and talented women
Marysia and Monika 🙂
I’ll tell you a few words about the brand.
More about them I will write
at my Fanpage: MODOROTA 🙂


I will also show these bags in my fall stylings 🙂
upcycled denim bags 🙂
These bags aren’t usual 😉
Every one of them has its own series number,
it’s one and unique 🙂
They are very carefully sewn.
In every bag you will find
a piece of paper with an aphorism
written by Marysia and Monika 🙂
Isn’t it an interesting idea? 😀
And I have a surprise for you 😀


you can get 15% off
with MODOROTA password 😀
Use it and do shopping 🙂

At the Fair there was also
my beloved and often met brand
Odzieżowe Pole 🙂
Soon they will have
new refurbished website
How perfect garments they do 🙂
Made from natural fabrics,
carefully sewn 🙂
With everlasting style and design 🙂
I promise that in my fall session
you will find
clothes from their collection 🙂

Though the Fair
wasn’t typical
it was worthy to visit.
I got to know
new interesting brands.
And I met friends from the companies 🙂
I already know to chat a little
and look at their new collections 🙂
If you have never been to such a Fair
I invite you to visit it.
To see fashion with one’s own eyes
and maybe get inspired 🙂