Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories Playing with accessories

Nowadays children
like to play with smartphones.
I remember I used to play
outside as a child.
I still have memories
of that times 🙂
But now I exchanged toys into accessories 😀
That’s why I like to experiment with them 🙂
I decided to show kimono
in rock style 🙂
Though you can go in that styling
even to great gala,
for example to movie premiere
or for a walk with your boyfriend 🙂
Silver rectangular earrings with jasper
talk to me with the language of my soul 😀
They make perfect contrast with the color of my hair.
The ring mirrors the earrings.
They have the same shape
and they’re made from similar minerals.
I thing they ideally complement my shoes,
of which I write later,
with their color and character.
And what would you tell
about beautiful pendant with azurite
on ecological string?
When I look at it
I see the color of kimono
but also of the sea and earth.
As if the colors mingled together,
marked off by oval.
Still they look perfect
in their fantastic vision 🙂
All that jewellery
was made in artistic studio
of Michał Misterski 🙂
This incredible artist makes jewellery
in which minerals play main role.
Still he doesn’t forget about
interesting form,
that underlines the beauty of gems.
It’s worth to visit Mr Michał’s studio.
You will find there
unimitable and unique
pieces of jewellery.
You can also order one
according to your own ideas.
I am sure That Mr Michał
will undertake to do it 🙂
His studio is in Poznań
at Polna Street 40 🙂
You can also see the fb site:

or at Instagram:

I think that if you look for unique
models of jewellery,
you wiil visit Polna 40 🙂
Now I return to motorcycle type shoes 🙂
They are made of black, obviously ecological, leather.
They have decorative belt
and sturdy sole.
Shoes of that type are my weakness 😀
Though the kimono is really ethereal,
the shoes give it
strong, rocky character.
Now, my dear, I’ll tell you something:
such shoes are made in Poland 😀
Yo can find them at the site

The owner of this site, designer and maker
of such modern shoes
is Mrs Anna Subel 🙂
I have an appeal to vegans
that love such shoes 🙂
My dear ones, Mrs Anna will eagerly
make a totally vegan line of shoes 😀
But it depends on you,
if you would order the vegan versions
of her models 🙂
I asked her for those shoes
made of ecological leather
and Mrs Anna made them for me 😀
Of course, you can already find
some ready vegan product there 😀
As for the purse,
it’s unique 🙂
It’s made of metal 😀
You can use it for many stylings
of various characters 🙂
I bought it in „Modna Ewa” boutique,
at Zamenhoffa Street 1/3 in Łódź 🙂
The boutique has not a web site yet,
but if you visit Łódź,
do go there.
I can guarantee
that you will find there a treasure
that will serve for many outfits 🙂
I want to remind you
that the kimono was made by the designer
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
Owner of „Odzieżowe Pole” brand 🙂

I feel very comfortable and excellent in that styling 🙂
And the accessories I described
are a delicious bite
that suits the whole outfit perfectly 😀

Phenomenal photos
made by Monika Łuczak 🙂
Thanks, Monia :*

I was waiting for him and I dreamed of him.
He was born unannounced
but I knew he will come.
It’s his Millenium.
His era, his days and decades.
He will establish better order for the world.
He was conceited not from simple love
but from ancient perfection.
And though not the same blood circulates in our veins
we are related.
I loved this child of righteousness
before I saw him.
And I feel joy because I know
that the thinking of Universe will be changed.
When he grows up I’ll tell him
that I’m his fan and faithful listener.
I will be his admirer, Dorota – Modorota.