Pink boots and pink earrings
Pink boots and pink earrings
Pink boots and pink earrings

I like pink very much
and regardless of my age
I’m not afraid of showing it in my stylings.
Pink boots and pink earrings refer
to floral motif on the shirt.
The shoes are obviously made of ecological leather.
And moreover very comfortable.
I’ve been wearing them for a few seasons now
and you can hardly see any signs of wearing out on them.
So, the shoes of good quality
will always be very important for me.
The soutache earrings I bought from my friend Gosia
who is able to conjure such miracles.
You must agree that they are beautiful and so lightweight
they do not put any strain to my ears.
As for make up
I underlined my lips
with a decidedly red lipstick.
The eye shadows on my lids
are combination of delicate violets and pinks.
I’m inviting you, my dear ones
to express your opinions
not only on this entry
but on earlier stylings too.