On the trail of cat’s paw On the trail of cat’s paw On the trail of cat’s paw On the trail of cat’s paw On the trail of cat’s paw

My dear ones 🙂
Today I’ll tell you about accessories
to which I go on the trail of cat’s paw 😀
The paw first pointed te head decoration
about which I’ll tell a few words 🙂
It’s a round fascinator
in cobalt blue and other shades of that color.
The embroidery reminds the see waves.
And what do you think?
As you know, such beautiful fascinators
are made by Ewa Okularczyk,
YOKO design brand 🙂


I invite you to shop with that brand 😀

Delicate silver earrings
are quite visible
but they don’t overwhelm the fascinator.
I admire Mr Michał Misterski’s art 🙂
The artist’s studio is placed
in Poznań, at Polna 40.
You can choose the jewellery there
or at Instagram:


I’m inviting you heartily 🙂

I think that the most comfortable face masks
are those made by Bertoni brand 🙂


You know of course bags by that brand 🙂
Cat’s face on the bag
is perfect for me, the cat lover 😀
Please do shopping at Bertoni site:


With MODOROTA password you will get
25 % off the price, as usual 😀

To that styling I chose comfortable sneakers
in grey and silver 🙂
This type of shoes is one of my favourite 🙂

And so, by the trail of cat’s paw,
I finished my story about accessories.
I’m inviting you to my Instagram:


and to my Fanpage:


I’m hugging you strongly, though virtually,
and give you a big kiss :*
See you next time 😀

Photos in Puszcza Zielonka
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂


Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂