Linen perfect for every season

Linen is a perfect fabric for every season.
To this I want to convince you 🙂

Kimono blouse was my love at first sight 😀
Unusual sleeves give it the look
of a bat wings 🙂
The belt accentuates the waist.
An interesting decoration of the same linen fabric
is put on the left underneath the collar.
It’s enriched with Swarovsky crystals 🙂
The blouse comes from the collection
of GIZIA brand
which has a boutique only in one place in Poland,
in Koszalin 🙂
I invite you to the site:

I guarantee that you will be delighted
with the clothes shown there 🙂
I’m still impressed
though I visited GIZIA boutique
some time ago 😀

I combined the blouse with dark blue
linen pants by Odzieżowe Pole 🙂

They are broad legged pants
but I showed them in less obvious way
tugging their hems into boots 😀
Of course you know the brand
because I many times showed stylings
with its garments 🙂

Not less interesting accessories
you will find in next entry 🙂

I invite you to take advantage
of my stylist services
also on-line 🙂

Photos made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂