Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress
Idyllic scenery and the dress

An idyll enchanted in a dress,
is one of my summer fashion proposals 🙂
So romantic a dress with tiny meadow flowers print,
emphasizes our femininity 😉
It also shows delicacy of our nature 🙂
The sleeves of the dress are finished with frills 🙂
Low cut but elegant decollete,
is a quintessence of femininity 😀
This romanticism and even girlishness enchanted in a dress
is what the designer and founder of Ottaviano brand,
Dominika Młyńczak, wants to show us 😀

Among other things, Dominika creates dresses,
which are the sign of her vision and magic of her talent 🙂
They are flimsy,
with the fabric that flows easily,
with any single movement of the air
and the persons who are wearing them 🙂
We can buy Dominika’s dresses
also in a boutique in WROCLAVIA Mall,
level +1 in Wrocław 🙂
Beautiful arrangement in the window of the boutique,
attracts the eyes of every woman 🙂
If you come inside,
you’ll certainly choose something for yourself, dear Ladies 😀
At Dominika’s you can dress yourself for every occasion 🙂
The character of the dress i showed you,
its charm and sensuality can be best presented
on the photos taken in Fiedler Museum
in Puszczykowo near Poznań.

In this place, filled with good climate and lyricism,
full of nostalgia for passing time,
you can get positively lost 🙂
It’s an enclave of good energy,
not only because of the replica of Cheops pyramid
23 times smaller than the original,
that stands at the area of the museum 🙂
The Fiedlers are most of all the creators of this vitality
and human approach to another person <3 🙂
My dear ones,
when you trespass the doorstep of the museum,
you will feel just what I’m writing about 🙂
I’m very curious of your reactions 😀
The dress of ethereal character,
which you saw, dear women,
I ornamented with accessories 🙂
They give it the power of femininity
and enhance the idyllic look 🙂
Soon you will learn,
what I have to tell about them 🙂

Earth and heaven,
do you want to calm your desires?
Where in the Universe do you see yourself?
Make a horseshoe of your passions.
Happiness is waiting just behind the corner,
but you can’t see it.
I felt the wind in my hair,
it blew through my dress.
I have found the calmness of my existence.
I found what I dreamed of.
It’s not a mirage, nor utopia.
If you touch the right key,
on the keyboard of your thoughts,
you will find yourself.
Not your reflection.
Now I see how I’m moving.
I feel my breath and my body.
It’s me.
And I’m the united twin.
Unity in integrity,
it’s me Dorota – Modorota.

Photos taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda 🙂
Help with session:
Magdalena Nowicka 🙂