I feel like cats :D I feel like cats :D I feel like cats :D I feel like cats :D

With my styling I want to tell you:
I feel like cats! 😀
This is an outfit in black.
Black color brings the feeling of mystery but also joy 🙂
The two attributes of cats 🙂
This look is dedicated to them and it contains their images.
A beautiful kitten comes almost literally out of my T-shirt 😀
It tears down the fabric
and hangs on the hole 😀
Isn’t it a charming shirt? 🙂
Its wildness and animal character
I accentuated with a snake print belt
worn around the hips.
It’s made of ecological leather.
There is also a floral motif in this styling.
I’m talking about pants.
Flowers mean beauty and tenderness
that match my motto 🙂
The pants are broadening downwards.
They have rocky fastening on the legs.
Perhaps this styling will speak to each of you, my Ladies
with another language.
It can be dark and rocky
or joyful and… cat-like 😀
I’m curious of your feelings toward this look 🙂
You will find also unique elements in my accessories.
I will tell you about them soon.

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall

made by Piotr Stopyra

Help with session Alla Kubitsa
and Patrycja Nowak 🙂

Even in the lock down of body and soul
you can find joy.
Don’t shed tears with a sad face.
You can find delight in small
and big undertakings.
You may not know
that you’ve just found eureka.
Look at the grains of sand on the road.
The wind blows throug my cat’s fur.
Learn the others’ affirmation
if it’s good.
Open your eyes to the joy of flowers in the garden.
They will teach you to look at the world
as if you would only live a few months.
But they still feel joy.
From now on I’m forgetting
about my lost soul.
I got up and I remembered my name:
Dorota – Modorota.
And I’m among you.
I will not be forgotten.