I feel green this fall  I feel green this fall  I feel green this fall  I feel green this fall  I feel green this fall

The styling I’m showing you
is called:
I feel green this fall 😀
Green color plays here
the main role.
I decided to wear kimono
without a belt,
and flowing in the wind 🙂 😉
Its belt I used to fasten pants 🙂
Kimono surrounds my figure freely.
The fabric falls beutifully 🙂
As for pants,
broad legs are perfect for me.
They are sewn from linen fabric.
Kimono and pants
are designed by
Marzena Ratowska 🙂
Founder of Odzieżowe Pole brand 🙂


Marzena herself says
that her brand
is aimed at polite anarchists 😀
I think she’s right 😀
In Odzieżowe Pole
you can order every garment
in your own size.
I recommend it to you 🙂
Everything is perfectly sewn.
The clothes are very comfortable 🙂
Just sensational 😀
I like to add some bling to a styling 🙂
That’s why you can see
sequin top under kimono.
Of course, when I’m going outside
in this outfit,
I put on a long coat
in shade of green 🙂
The whole styling looks
as if I were floating
as a wave 🙂
What do you think of this outfit,
my dear ones? 🙂
Maybe you would like to use
my stylist’s service?
I’m inviting you heartily 🙂
Soon I will appear
to describe accessories
to this styling.

Photos in Green Hotel
made by
Monika Łuczak 🙂

I feel green in my head,
though supposedly
it’s not proper at my age.
But my youth
wil never depend on my age.
The youth is a gift of your soul
and that what you feel.
I was formed
as a person
that loves life and myself.
I appreciate this state of mind.
I felt a kiss of the wind.
I gave it a handshake in return.
With my arms
I embrace all the creatures.
Yes, this is love.
They give it back to me hundredfold.
I am young,
I don’t have time to get old.
I’m running, crying out my name.
I am Dorota – Modorota.
And you will hear it, too.
I won’t pass you indifferently.