The spring

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My dear ladies 🙂 When I was wandering through the streets in comfortable gold vegan platform sandals, with eco-leather bag, I felt a need for a moment of peace and reflection, which I recommend to everyone 🙂 I had some reflections, which I want to share with you 🙂 The spring To stop at the …

Casual look

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When I must move quickly past the streets, walk on cobblestones, I feel best dressed in casual style. Comfort is the most important thing for me. Comfortable and of character of course 🙂 I recommend hooded checkered shirt made of rich, quality fabric. The hood is detachable, but I don’t use the function 🙂 Small …

Casual cruise

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You must agree, dear ladies, that this look suits a casual cruise 🙂 The styling is suitable not only for city walks, but also for a scooter ride 🙂 It doesn’t disturb the motion, the wind blows through the checkered shirt. Loose, colorful hair are waving in the air. We feel like an Easy Rider …

Colorful accessories

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  Let’s play with crazy accessories ☺ Patterned bracelets, a ring with transparent gem that spreads sunbeams all around. Obligatory choker on the neck ☺ And platform sandals with anatomically shaped soles. Because comfortable shoes are essential

Style nr 1

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Summer doesn’t make it easy this year. We can’t complain about too much sun, but we can enclose sunshine in our styling. Long, wide skirt patterned with colorful flowers, with button fastening at the front. Like taken straight from the ‘Hair’ movie. Black T-shirt with heart-shaped embroidery topped with a jeans vest carelessly thrown over …

Dear Ladies

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Dear Ladies 🙂 I am a fashion blogger and I have a Personal Shopper Certificate. On a basis of color analysis and body type I help my clients to make stylings for various occasions from business ones to wedding outfits. As a blogger I cooperate with many Polish fashion designers. I like to work with …