Hearts and love
Hearts and love
Hearts and love

Hearts and love, they reign
in my last summer styling this year.
I chose comfortable bat shaped blouse
because it shows my love
for summer sun and wonderful weather with its print.
Multitude of hearts and golden inscription made with sequins
are my joyful farewell to summer.
Such a colorful and joyful blouse
I combined with pleated skirt
in shade of red.
It’s made of  wonderful fabric
which sparkles in the sun
playing with sunbeams.
I’m saying good bye to summer
with fond memories
and slowly I’m greeting fall 🙂
I promise that I will show
fall stylings
full of  colors and madness.
But before it happens
soon there will appear the entry
dedicated to accessories I chose to that styling.
I’m inviting you heartily 🙂