Flatcap, fake fur and… a leaf

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Now, my dears, you can evaluate fake fur as a decoration for a tunic. Also a flatcap which I add to many stylings. I decided to put on silver earrings with Swarovski crystals. They reflect sunbeams beautifully. Sunglasses, even in fall and winter are necessary for sunny days. Put your attention to neon pink lipstick. …

Vegan soul

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I’m immersing in my stylings like in magic glow. I’m absorbing them and I want to reflect my thoughts in them. I’m into them not only with my body but with my vegan soul, too <3 I am what I have on myself and in myself. Reflection of my feelings and my loves <3 I …

When I get tired

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When I get tired I’ll stop on the road, I will listen to the sound of the sky and I will absorb sunshine. Forcing my way through the walk of life, I will crouch for a moment. The silence is pulsing, I am a part of it, pure and green. Let victoria mean also freedom, …