Hats like women’s souls Hats like women’s souls Hats like women’s souls Hats like women’s souls

My dear ones 🙂
A few words about accessories and the hat.
Hats… are like women’s souls 🙂
That is beautiful and independent 😀
They add chic and elegance 🙂
Like this hat with XXL brim 😀
You can fall in love with it.
You can lose yourself in it and then find.
You must agree that it gave unique magnetism
to the whole styling.
The hat was made by Ewcia Okularczyk
from YOKO Design 🙂
At the designer’s site


you will find not only hats
but various head covers and decorations
for every occasion 🙂
Take a look and you’ll be delighted 😀

The earrings are hand woven from tiny beads.
Interesting technique and their bling
attract the looks 🙂
Such jewelry you can buy
at Marzena Ratowska
from Odzieżowe Pole brand 🙂


I’m inviting you there 🙂

Velour purse is a fashion flavor
which will be on top for long time
thanks to its design.
Such purses are not only trendy
but also stylish 🙂
It has the form of a sack
and an interesting creased handle.
The purse was designed by Joasia Olkiewicz
from No Sugar brand 🙂


Get to know Joasia’s
purse and jewelry collection.
They’re timeless 😀

Comfortable sandals made of ecological leather
are superb 😀
Look at their interesting heels.
They attract attention with their form 🙂
The whole shoe looks delicate and light.
And they’re very comfortable 🙂

Well matched accessories add taste
and make a styling complete.
What do you think about my choice of accessories? 🙂

Photos in Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

Made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂