Harmony of accessories Harmony of accessories Harmony of accessories Harmony of accessories

In every styling
my dear Ladies
accessories should make harmony
with the look to create unity 🙂
Now I will tell you a few words
about the accessories
to the Edyta Jermacz tunic outfit 🙂


Oh, these fascinators 😉 🙂
I chose one in black and red.
It suits the whole look perfectly 🙂
Such a head decoration
always gives character to the styling 😀

Long earrings
made of shining golden circles
make the neck look longer.
I love them 😀
It was a good buy
from a few years ago 🙂

The bracelet is a real masterpiece 🙂
I think that the styling would be
incomplete without it.
For this beautiful hand work
Italian artist Claudio Canziana
takes credit.
The representative of these works for Poland
is Mr Eugeniusz Czajka 🙂
At the site:


you can see the jewelry 🙂
You can also order them
by contacting me 🙂
Then you can count for something off the price 🙂
Feel invited 😀

Shoes are original vegan
Dr Marten’s boots 🙂
They give a little rock’n’roll look 🙂

The purse of timeless design
is always trendy 🙂
You must already know
ecological purses
I invite you to the site:


where you can see those purse 🙂
You can also buy them with 10% off 🙂
Password is „modorota2020” 🙂
Go for shopping 😀

Photos in Hotel 500
in Tarnowo Podgórne


made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂


Help with session
Alla Kubitsa 🙂