Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!
Hairpins and nets rule!

Hairpins and net shopping bags
rule during this summer season 🙂
I like them very much 😀
I’d like to show you, my dear women,
that regardless of age,
we can follow the trends 🙂
To the bomber jacket
I described to you in previous entry,
I chose very colorful accessories with diamond glow.
I put a few hairpins to my hair,
full of little crystals that beautifully reflect the light.
As for hair ornaments,
we can put not one,
but many of them to our hair.
It looks very impressive
and accentuates our hair dress and  color 🙂
The necklace I chose to the jacket, is a yellow chain,
quite thick with pending pom-poms, flowers and leaves,
of similar shape and color as the print on the jacket.
Meanwhile the earrings are more simple in form.
They are made of metallic yellow and white rings,
with delicate rods.
To the styling I decided to add
very fashionable net bag
instead of traditional purse.
It’s comfortable because of its size 🙂
It can hold many objects,
that are necessary for us, women 😉
Its color and plaited pattern,
resemble leopard skin
just as the jacket’s print 🙂
As for sandals,
I bought them via Internet.
They came to me from the Great Britain 😀
I have always dreamed of such extraordinary, summer shoes 🙂
They have joyful, incredible colors
and broad strip on foot is very comfortable 🙂
Do you know why?
Because it’s made of transparent material
filled with liquid gel,
in which sequins are floating 😀
The day on which the session took place,
was very sunny,
so I haven’t forgot the sunglasses 🙂
The mirror glasses worked perfectly to protect my eyes,
but they also gave the whole styling
an interesting look 🙂
I want to remind you, my dear ones,
that the whole styling could be composed
thanks to the interesting bomber jacket by Fio.

And the beautiful surrounding
in which such wonderful photos,
could be made
is Fiedler Museum in Puszczykowo 🙂

I’m in constant motion,
I’m unequaled
in my ascribed time.
All I create
and all have made,
is the echo of my thoughts.
I wouldn’t be myself
in every twitch of my body
and deed of my soul,
if I put challenge that’s impossible.
I’m in harmony with myself.
It’s me Dorota – Modorota.

Photos taken in Fiedler Museum
by Grzegorz Łabenda 🙂
Help with session: Magdalena Nowicka 🙂