Poznań Fall Fashion Fair

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Hello, my dear ones 🙂 Today Poznań Fall Fashion Fair finished. It wasn’t typical Fair. Why? Because of coronavirus and all the restrictions connected with it. It was combined with Summer Ecological Fair, Women’s Fair… I can’t even mention all 😀 It was a total mixture 😀 But in this chaos I found brands worth …

Poznań Fashion Fair Spring 2020

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My dear ones, Poznań Fashion Fair Spring 2020 is over 😀 I have met a lot of fantastic people 😀 Some brands made colossally fantastic impression on me 🙂 I want to concentrate just on them when talking about the Fair. The Fair began with Professionals Congress. I always eagerly listen to interesting comments on …

Poznań Fashion Fair

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My dear ones 🙂 I want to inform you all and invite you to Poznań, to the Fashion Fair which will take place on 5-6 March 2019 🙂 It is very important time for everybody who wants to see the newest fashion trends and interesting creations. I want to thank the Fair organizers very much …