Dreams and golden jewellery
Dreams and golden jewellery
Dreams and golden jewellery

During shopping frenzy in a mall
it is good to rest for a while and chill out.
When I’m sitting comfortably, I close my eyes
and the dreams of gold appear in my mind
full of shine and happy memories.
How good it is to forget the world
that’s surrounding us for a while.
And after that to begin rummaging the shops with new energy.
Golden are my dreams
just as gold is the color of my jewellery
which I chose for that styling.
The earrings in the shape of big open-work tear
with tiny crystals
and a choker made of chain.
In the make-up the most visible
is lipstick in juicy red
which accentuates the lips beautifully
and decorative black stars on the cheekbone.
They can be removed together with whole make-up.
Of course, the make-up dresses us, too.
Dear women, I’m inviting you to make a short break during shopping.
Also when you are in clamour
and you have a lot of things to do
do sit for a while
and I guarantee that even a few minutes
can make a miracle.
Please tell me when you will check it out.
Or maybe you already know this trick?