Rejuvenating denim

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All women probably know that denim makes us look younger 🙂 I add such garments to many outfits 🙂 Of course not only pants of that fabric are cool. You can choose total denim look and be very fashionable 🙂 My styling is almost entirely denim. Almost, because pants are made of linen. Quite broad, …

Under the tree

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I stood under the tree of wisdom and knowledge. Its branches wrap around my head. The leaves are humming a tale of birth and death. Looking upwards I saw the time of beginning and the end, but the space between them is empty. The tree allowed me to write down its book. I named every …

Vagabond style

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Like a vagabond, I’m crossing the world in ripped jeans and shirt. I have a khaki cardigan with powder pink colored roses and a sequined choker on my neck. A crazy hat protects me from sun and sunglasses on my nose shade my freckles. Like a gadabout from a long way, I don’t care for …