The skirt with colorful comic story
was combined with colorful accessories 🙂
Together they made this styling with a positive twist 😀
When I was young I used to be a hippie.
The values of that movement are still close to me 🙂
Love and peace are always present in my heart 🙂
The fascinator makes it clear to everybody.
Of course you know Ewa Okularczyk
who makes such beautiful things 🙂

This is YOKO Design brand

which is often present in my stylings 🙂
What can I say, YOKO Design
means just perfect head decorations 😀

The earrings which look like mini cupcakes with whipped cream 😀
Are a piece of sweet and ingenious jewelry by Karolina Łuczak,
that is Sweet Muffins brand 🙂

I’m inviting you to Karolina’s sweet jewelry corner 🙂
With MODOROTA password you will get 10% off 😀
Believe me, you’ll love it 😀

A purse of ecological leather
in beautiful blue color
is a work of Joasia Olkiewicz,
the designer from No Sugar brand 🙂

This decently manufactured and beautiful purse
serves me for many occasions and sometimes it’s irreplaceable 😀

Neon pink sneakers are like taken from a fairy tale 🙂
Their beautiful color enchants me
and gives positive vibrations 🙂
On green grass they look just magical 😀

Sunglasses of course
are my practical and indispensable gadget.
I take care of my eyes and I recommend you do it too 😀

Colorful vibrations make my world 😀
I love to play with colors
and combine them in quite unusual way sometimes 🙂
It’s like mixing the music 😀
Like painting a picture 🙂
And what do you like to do?
When you use your imagination
to create the ideas that you realize in real world? 🙂
Tell me about it please 🙂

Photos in Museum of Środa Region Koszuty Palace 🙂

Made by Matylda Szafrańska 🙂