Accessories for red hoodie styling

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I promised you, my dear ones, to tell how I chose the accessories for the styling with red hoodie in elegant version. I felt in love, mutually I hope, with wonderful long black boots made of ecological suede. They have medium high comfortable heel so you can walk all the day in them, for example …

Dreams and golden jewellery

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During shopping frenzy in a mall it is good to rest for a while and chill out. When I’m sitting comfortably, I close my eyes and the dreams of gold appear in my mind full of shine and happy memories. How good it is to forget the world that’s surrounding us for a while. And …

Chokers and long boots

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Some bling for Christmas is not bad. For the lace festive dress I decided to wear two chokers in silver and black and long boots made of black suede-like fabric. Dressed like this I will feel at ease at Christmas table though still elegant. My dear ones! I’d like to wish you peaceful and joyful …