Checked pattern is it! Checked pattern is it! Checked pattern is it!

I will tell you dear friends
that checked pattern is always trendy 🙂
That’s why I chose such a dress.
In my styling I wear it as a tunic 😀
The top of the tunic is just black and red check.
The dress is as simple as a shirt.
Fastened with buttons.
Rolled up sleeves make arms look slimmer.
There’s white belt at the hips
and black bottom is favorable
to our figure 😀
When I’m ironing the dress
I can see that it has rectangular shape 🙂
That’s why it looks very nice on me.
Black leggings match this look perfectly.
But accessories also do a lot of good to the outfit 😀
You know that I always
dedicate a separate entry to them.
What do you think about my choice?
Do you see yourselves in such a styling?
I’m inviting you to discuss it 🙂

Photos in Posnania Shopping Mall

made by Piotr Stopyra

Help with session Alla Kubitsa
and Patrycja Nowak 🙂

You can’t measure happines
in grams and centimeters.
But you can feel and see it.
Sometimes it’s an elusive moment born of passion.
Sometimes tears out of joy and heartly laughter.
Touch of a hand, a smell
A faint look
that comes straight into our hearts.
Happiness is worth living
and thanking for it every day.
Everyone can get it.
We can shape it in our hands
like a sculptor.
We can learn it.
Be careful and you will find it
in the range of your sight.