Cat in my heart and upon my heart Cat in my heart and upon my heart Cat in my heart and upon my heart Cat in my heart and upon my heart Cat in my heart and upon my heartCat in my heart and upon my heart

You must know, my dear ones
That I have a cat or even cats in my soul <3 🙂
One of them, beautifully painted
you can see upon me <3 🙂
It’s Puszek
the cat that lives together with me.
The cat is black and white 🙂
He went through many a trouble
and has only one eye.
Of course, it doesn’t matter for him
in everyday existence 🙂
It’s probably because of this eye,
because all my cats are beautiful,
that I decided to have Puszek
on my blouse 😀
Beautiful amaranthine color of the blouse
and on it – Puszek as live 😀
Such a beautiful, hand made picture
was made by an artist,
Mrs Jolanta Kalinowska 🙂
I’m delighted with it 😀
At Mrs Jola you can order blouses, dresses or caps
and other garments,
decorated with painted pictures 🙂
You can choose a picture,
for example your pet or flower
or another thing you like 🙂
It’s enough to send such a picture to Mrs Jola
and she will paint it for you with special paints 🙂
I’ll tell you that such a painted picture
is very durable.
You can even machine wash the garments,
I recommend only short cycle in 30 – 40 degrees 🙂
I put the blouse to a special laundry bag
before putting it to the washing machine.
I invite you to the fanpage of Mrs Jola Kalinowska:

or to Instagram:

If you decide to make an order at Mrs Jola
with MODOROTA password
you will get 10% off 🙂

I wanted to make a styling
in shades of pink and amaranthine.
Happy and… tasty
as strawberries and raspberries 🙂
These are my associations with it 😀
That’s why I chose a transparent tulle skirt
in these colors.
Black leggings are comfortable and nice addition
to this outfit.

Accessories are important element of every look
so they deserve a separate story.
Soon they will play an important role
in my entry 🙂
At the end I want to ask you,
what do you think about the styling with a cat?
I’m also curious if you have any pets either.
I’m greeting you together with my five kitties:
Puszek, Miluś, Bambuś,
Migotek and Ciapuś.

Photos at the streets of Poznań
made by Piotr Stopyra 🙂

Help with session Alla Kubitsa 🙂