Black color that makes us joyful
Black color that makes us joyful

You might be surprised.
Black color that makes us joyful?
That’s right.
All depends on how we wear it
and what we combine it with.
The tunic which I show you
is a very good example.
The tunic made of cotton, simple in cut
is beautifully ornamented.
A lace strip goes across it
symmetrically surrounding the arms
and colorful embroideries are masterpieces
that emphasize the black color
and make it beautiful.
To compliment the tunic I like to wear leggings
made of leather imitation.
Also in black, of course.
I have a few pairs of them.
You can combine them with many kinds of clothes.
You will see them in my stylings many a time.
They suit the long boots perfectly
just as in this case.
What do you think of such a black cheer up?
Don’t hesitate to share your opinions with me!