Animal prints – leopard

For a long time I couldn’t get to like
animal prints.
They seemed to me not very interesting and original.
But when I visited one of my favorite boutiques in Poznań – Studio MV,
where you can meet very sympathetic Mrs Sandra,
I asked but of spite for animal prints.
Mrs Sandra showed me a tunic
which intrigued me from the start.
And so I became the owner of a wonderful tunic 🙂
From that time my love for animal print started 🙂
I decided to show it to you
and share with you its beauty.
Thanks to Mrs Weronika Brzęczkowska – Kuzianiak,
Personal Assistant to General Manager / PR Specialist
in Sheraton Poznań Hotel,
I could make a wonderful photo session
in this hotel, for which I’m grateful 🙂
To compliment the tunic I chose leggings
that imitate natural leather.
Such leggings I wear to many stylings.
Resting by a hotel Jacuzzi
I can assure you
that my love has begun and will last 😀
Because a woman is like an animal 😉
When she loves, she gives all her body and soul.
I like cats very much, as you know,
so choosing a leopard motif
I’m saying a wild ‘meow’ to everyone 😀
See you with the next entry 🙂

Photos: Joanna Rozmiarek
Session help: Alla Kubitsa
Photo editor: Ula
Thank you for wonderful cooperation, girls 🙂 :*